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Welcome to MurkNet
Home of the Moss Tapes MurkCast & more. Produced by Joseph Blanski/Meester Magpie with the help of many magnificent MurkCasters.

Nov 10, 2015

You thought it was over? You can beg, bellow, scream, but Nooooooooovember is upon us and Tuesdays With Gory lives on! Take a ride in our Tale of Terror, “Hell Cab V: Uber to Hell”. This week we have an appointment with ghost of MurkCast past, Austin C. Pruett. Join us as we remember the earliest scenes that scarred us for life in Horror Histories, digest the first giblets of horror we've watched this month, and scrape beneath the thin surface of Brian Yuzna's 1996 OCD Oddity "The Dentist".

Produced by Justin Fink